Braverman Brunch and Lecture – It's More Than Calories: Food as Communication

05 May @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Location: Social Hall
Cost: free

Guest speaker, Professor Andrew Tollison, presents It’s More than Calories: Food as Communication. Food serves a significant purpose in our lives, but it is much more than the calories we consume. This talk builds off a course Professor Tollison teaches titled “Food as Communication.” The talk will focus mainly on three topics: 1) The slow food movement in a fast food society, 2) dinner time discourse, and 3) food as a connector to our pasts. The thematic link among these three topics is centered on what occurs during times of food consumption (e.g., developing relationships, learning about family history, etc.) and how we manage this in a fast-paced society.

Additionally, in recognition of Yom HaShoah, Professor Tollison will discuss the Terezín (also know as Theresienstadt) concentration camp during WWII. Several women in the camp, led by Mina Pachter, would stay up late to discuss recipes and construct a “cookbook,” which was later published as In Memory’s Kitchen: a Legacy from the Women of Terezín.

Sponsored by the Kenneth and Roberta Braverman Adult Education Fund.

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