Grades 6-7

Kitah Vav continues to meet on Sundays, and sixth graders come on Monday evenings instead of weekday afternoons. On Monday nights, students have a chance to get to know all their grade as well as Kitah Zayin (7th grade) during the second period, or “chug,” in which students take electives in the camp model, including the options of Comparative Religion, Cooking & Jewish Culture, and Torah Theater Games. Dinner on Monday nights further fosters friendships and builds community. And occasionally students will show up to school to discover that instead of class we’ll be having a special surprise event all evening!

Kitah Vav Hebrew focuses on review and reinforcement of the required prayers, building vocabulary, and prayer knowledge and comprehension, while adding the blessings before and after the Torah and Haftarah readings and the Ashrei to students’ prayer vocabulary.

Students explore how Judaism has evolved from generation to generation, staying a prophetic-ethical religion while both cleaving to tradition and adapting to present realities. They learn to relate current events to Jewish history, and how their lives compare with the lives of those who came before them. As part of this curriculum, students study the prophets, bring in current event stories, and families jointly go on the expedition Exploring Jewish Boston. Students also study Jewish death and mourning practices. Kitah Vav will have a family field trip to the Temple Emanuel Cemetery.

A highlight of the year is the Kitah Vav Shabbat Adventure, when students lead a Shabbat Morning service, with a Torah Service, then stay for lunch with parents, and enjoy programming that explores what it means to become bar or bat mitzvah. Parents will have a session with Rabbi Goldstein, Cantor Irelander and Barbara Holstein. 

Books & materials: Sefatai Tiftach 3 (“ו”) and workbook, The Prophets: Speaking Out for Justice, The Jewish History Observer, Mishkan TefillahPrayers Mastered (page numbers in parenthesis are in Mishkan Tefillah, our prayerbook): Bircot HaTorah (368), Bircot HaHaftara (372), Ashrei (338-341), Tallit Blessing (26). 

On Monday nights, students build community informally, using a camp model. The evening is divided into two periods, including either a Hebrew class or an elective for 7th grade in the first period, and elective options for both 6th & 7th grade students during the second “chug” period. Electives options may include Comparative Religion, Israeli sports, Cooking & Jewish culture and Modern Hebrew Ulpan. Our goal is to make these electives fun, experiential and deep Jewish learning experiences—great ways to learn, and to build friendships! There will be social time over a pizza dinner. And occasionally students will show up to school to discover that instead of class we’ll be having a special surprise event all evening! The students also study the Shoah (The Holocaust) in a personal, relevant curriculum in the Spring.

More information about your B’nai Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel can be found here.