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“As soon as we walked in the door of the Preschool for our tour, we knew this was the right place for our son to attend his first year of school. He further confirmed our decision because he hugged the Preschool Director goodbye before we left! His first day as a Yellowbird was his first day ever in someone else’s care other than us, his parents, and his grandparents. When we dropped our son off that first day, there was no hesitation and never a moment where we questioned our decision to send him to Temple Preschool. In fact, we regretted not sending him a year earlier for Chickadees! The staff was so wonderful, especially that first week, when they proactively called and texted to let us know how he was doing. We really cannot say enough good things about the Temple Preschool – the staff, the children and their families are all so welcoming and make us feel like we have a second family here.” – Redbird Parent, 2019/2020

“We want to thank you SO much for such a wonderful experience at Temple Emanuel. My heart honestly beams every time I pick my son up, seeing how loved and taken care of he is by everyone at the school. He is excited every day to come in and everyone in my house laughs when I tell them how Shabbat on Friday’s are truly the highlights of my week! It’s so uplifting and sweet – he and I count down every week in anticipation. I even had to change my dentist appointment next week so I didn’t miss it. Whenever my son was sick and I came in and you were snuggling and reading to him, while my heart sank to see him so sad, I was so comforted knowing he’s loved like one of your own. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your dedication to making Temple Emanuel the most wonderful community and place for my son (and all the other lucky children!) to be. My husband and I are so, so grateful.” – Redbird Parent, 2016/2017

“The Preschool at Temple Emanuel has been the perfect fit for our children and our family as a whole. The teachers genuinely love their jobs and you can feel it as you walk through the halls and see all of their friendly, smiling faces. They work with each child to allow them to embrace their own interests while gently pushing them to grow, learn and try new experiences. The children have so much fun that they don’t even realize they are learning and the parents can feel comfortable leaving their children in such a caring and loving environment.” – Yellowbird Parent, 2014

“Having my two children attend The Preschool at Temple Emanuel was, I feel, the best decision we could have made after moving to Andover! My boys loved the preschool and I found a sense of community and camaraderie that formed the basis of my friendships and acquaintances I still enjoy. I felt that my children were in good hands with loving, caring, and competent teachers and I personally like the laid back approach to academics (which is based on the natural developmental progression for preschool age children.) Now that my oldest is facing the “rigors” of second grade, he often wishes he was back at “Temple Emanuel.”” Bluebird Parent, 2014

“We moved into Andover just before our first child was born. three different neighbors told us, ‘You have to go to The Preschool at Temple Emanuel! Even if you’re not Jewish, its the best nursery school in town.’ And they were right!!”  – Redbird Parent, 2013