Congregational Israel Trip

2024 Israel Trip with Temple Emanuel

For those who did not attend our initial “interest gathering” information sessions, here are some of the key details of what we are planning for our 2024 Israel Trip.

Dates: Thursday afternoon, February 15, 2024 through Saturday evening, February 24, 2024

            These are “on the ground” dates for our tour throughout Israel.

 Cost: Estimated at $3800-$4500 per person, on the ground.

We won’t know the precise figures until we have finalized an itinerary and are ready to open registration later this spring, early summer.

This figure is variable because it will depend in part on the quality of hotels we choose, the size of our group, and other aspects of our itinerary.

This figure includes hotels, busses, tour guide(s), group meals (typically all breakfasts and some other meals throughout the trip), admissions to sites and museums, group airport transfer. This figure does not include flights.

Flights: families will coordinate their own flights. This will allow those who intend to travel early or return late the flexibility to do so, as well as creating a way of possibly creating savings depending on willingness to fly different airlines, take extended layovers, etc.

Itinerary “big picture”:

*Full details of our itinerary are still being developed*

  • Our trip will start in Tel Aviv, and the center of the country, exploring sites related to the modern state of Israel and setting the stage for other locations
  • We will then head north of Israel for a few days, visiting the port city of Haifa, the home of mysticism at Sfat, other meaningful and beautiful sites in the northern part of the country.
  • We will continue and conclude our trip based in Jerusalem, with tours of the Old City, visits to sacred sites not only to our Jewish tradition but to others as well.
  • We will be including sites and opportunities that we would want anybody traveling to Israel for the first time to have a chance to experience, including visiting Masada and the Dead Sea, touring Israel’s Holocaust museum Yad VaShem, and much more.
  • We also will be working to offer some “options” for those who have travelled to Israel previously to diversify their experience.


Over the next few months, if this trip may interest you, you can help contribute ideas, questions, and input to the itinerary as we begin to finalize it. We hope to open registration in May or June.

Make sure you have filled out THIS FORM if you might be interested in joining us, so we can keep you on the short list for updates as soon as we have them.


Link to the video of the February Zoom “interest” session is available upon request.